Firegang's Advanced Implant Funnel
An All-New Method That Finds, Qualifies, & Books New Patients 
Without Additional Doctor Time or Extra Burden on Your Staff
Need help getting more implant patients?

Firegang CEO & Founder, Adam Zilko, Interviews Dr. Miguel

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  • Attract & Schedule More 5-Figure Implant Patients
  • ​Create Consistency In Your Implant Patient Flow
  • ​Increase Your Revenue By As Much As $100k/mo

Actual Firegang Client Results Below:

Dr. Roy T.

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$137,844 in the first 7 weeks...
In just 7 short weeks since launch, Dr. Roy generated a total of $137,844 in high-quality implants cases, all from his Advanced Implant Funnel. One patient was worth over $30,000 in revenue, while another was a $50,000 case. 

Below is a screenshot taken directly from Dr. Roy's account showing the exact revenue generated from new implant patients. These cases were all vetted before Dr. Roy's office even spoke to them, and have all accepted and started treatment.

Do you want to start more 5-figure implant cases like Dr. Thompson?

"I want to help dentists stop chasing patients with little interest in high-ticket services and start booking quality new implant patients."
Whether you’ve been practicing for 20 years, or just opened a new dental practice last week, you, like most doctors, are looking to book more high quality, ready-for-treatment, implant patients.

The only problem is, everyone in the industry is marketing their implant services the same exact way, which is why you aren't seeing any results.

With this NEW Implant Funnel, you will be marketing differently (AND SMARTER) than anyone in the industry, and generate more high quality new implant patients month after month.
Adam Zilko, CEO & Founder
With our Implant Funnel you will be able to...
  • Book Dental Implant patients at ridiculously inexpensive rates
  • Build trust with patients before they reach your website or pick up the phone
  • Increase the worth of your time by booking more high-ticket cases
  • Stay years ahead of your competition
Why Implant Dentists All Across America
Have Already Made The Switch
To The Most Advanced Marketing That Exists Today....
The Implant Funnel
Do you want to leverage your time by working on more high ticket cases, but have struggled to attract those types of patients?

The problem is, everyone in the industry is marketing their implant services the same exact way, which is why you aren’t seeing any results. 

If you're like most implant dentists, you are probably advertising a special offer or a free consultation, sending patients to your website, and hoping they call you. The main issues with this kind of marketing is that it...
  • Costs Too Much
  • ​Does Not Differentiate Your Practice
  • ​Does Not Build Trust with New Patients
But with this NEW Implant Funnel.... will be marketing differently (AND SMARTER) than anyone in the industry...generating high-quality new implant patients month after month.

If you're struggling to book new implant patients, have a schedule full of "free consultations" with price-shopping patients (that you know will never move forward with implants anyway...), or you're simply wondering what happened to implant leads you never saw again, it's not your fault. 

The way dentists have been marketing implants hasn't changed in years, and most dentists and marketers have accepted the low-result efforts of their implant marketing, truly believing there is no better way. 

In fact, most dental marketing companies don't understand that the goal of your implant marketing should not be to flood your schedule with consultations (likely including the last marketing company you hired). You would rather have a manageable number of new, ready-to-get-treatment dental implant patients every month.

With our Implant Funnel, you’ll discover a completely new, efficient, and smarter way to attract and book implant patients.

Dr. Brian Y.

"What interested me about your company was that you offered the service of calling and contacting patients and getting them onto our schedule as well."
In the first 5 weeks, Dr. Brian's started $133,496 worth of full-mouth implant cases.
Every case below has already started treatment, totaling $133,496.
Hear From Dr. Brian About His Experience...

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Dr. Miguel

"Firegang's approach is not cookie-cutter, they are really into the details of the office itself and how to make it grow, and I think that's really important!"
"In the first 6 weeks, we did about $150,000 in production."
Dr. Miguel's entire career is built on his experience using and teaching advanced implant techniques. But when it came to his implant marketing, there was nothing "advanced" about it. Losing leads and chasing low-quality patients wasn't going to cut it for him.

When Dr. Miguel started using our Implant Funnel, he generated $142,966.85 in the first 6 weeks of running his Implant Funnel...
Hear From Dr. Miguel About His Experience...

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Dr. Azita Saw 6x ROI in 6 Weeks
After struggling to find the most profitable way to grow her implant services, Dr. Azita reached out to us for help with her dental marketing...
Just 6 weeks after we turned her Implant Funnel ON, Dr. Azita saw 6x ROI with her new marketing strategy, including these two cases she recently booked:

Dr. Azita

At her practice, there are no more worries about how Dr. Azita and her team will increase their implant profits every month. No more searching for new implant patients, and no wasted doctor time in consultations that amount to nothing.
Time Is Of The Essence...
With every week that Dr. Vakili's Implant Funnel is active, her number of new patients exponentially grows. The sooner you turn on your Implant Funnel, the sooner you can see 7x...8x...10x ROI from your implant marketing.

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How The Implant Funnel Turned a “Long-Shot” Patient into a 
4-Implant & Dentures Patient 
Because the Implant Funnel leverages education (answering THE BIG 3) and builds trust, it has the power to change those "not-ready-yet" patients into 5- and 6-figure implant patients.

Dr. Azita had a patient enter their funnel that had a bad experience with dentists, and lived more than an hour away. If she was using the same implant marketing as everyone else, there would be little chance this patient would ever call a practice like hers...

...but with the Implant Funnel,  the patient was convinced that Dr. Azita was an option the #1 implant dentist for her needs.

Dr. Azita





Dr. Azita is Excited About Every Single Implant Appointment...
Most dental marketing companies FILL your schedule with FREE CONSULTATIONS and pat themselves on the back for helping you grow your practice, but you know those consultations are only booked by price-shopping patients that aren't anywhere near ready to commit to an implant procedure...

With the Implant Funnel, you will pick and choose which patients you want to see, because the funnel identifies which patients are ready to commit. You will be walking into appointments as happy as Dr. Azita...

As You Can See...

Our Implant Funnel is the most powerful marketing tool in the dental industry today.

The Question Is....Will YOU Be Next to Turn Your Implant Funnel ON?

OR...will you choose to keep using the same marketing everyone else has been using for decades...

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Adam Zilko     
CEO & Founder -
Firegang Dental Marketing    

Firegang's Advanced Implant Funnel
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