attract new Patients by Successfully Using Google AdWords
Discover the secrets we use to get our clients the new patient leads they need in 24-48 hours!
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In this guide I'll be sharing:
  • How to attract new patients using Google AdWords even if you've tried it before
  • How to prepare an ideal budget to get the results you want from your AdWords campaign
  • The secrets Firegang uses to get the results our clients want , often within 24-48 hours of starting an AdWords campaign
  • How to tap into the largest source of new patients available and attract the exact type of patient you want
Grab this guide and start using it today!
Hey! My name is Adam Zilko.

I help dentists who are struggling to achieve consistent and reliable new patient growth. I help them attract high quality new patients so they can grow their practice, dominate their market, and take back their time.

There is no better way to drive high-quality dental patient leads to your practice than by using Google AdWords and PPC advertising. We generally see these types of ads start to produce results for our clients within 24 to 48 hours! 

It takes time to reach the top tier of Google search results with organic SEO. With Google AdWords campaigns, you can rise to the top immediately, and remain there as long as your ads are properly created and maintained.

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