12 Reasons Why Most
Dental Websites Fail 
12 Reasons Why Most Dental Websites Fail 
FREE 16 Page Dental Website Guide Reveals How You Can Improve Your Website To Get Up To 158%  More New Patient Calls
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In this Dental Website Guide I'll Show You...
  • The Perfect Dental Website Formula - We'll show you our proven dental website formula that has our client's new patient numbers skyrocketing.
  • 12 Major Website Mistakes - We reveal the EXACT 12 mistakes dentists make with their website... and how you can fix them quickly. 
  • Insider Tips & Insight - We share examples of real Firegang client websites that are successfully converting visitors to new patients every day.
  • How To FINALLY Stop Wasting Money On Advertising - Inside, we show you how to structure a website so you can increase the website number of visitors that call the practice and STOP wasting advertising dollars.
Dentists often make the mistake of assuming that the success of a dental website hinges exclusively on it being visually “pretty”, “clean”, and “modern”. However, this can’t be further from the truth and is the #1 reason why most websites fail.

That’s not to say that a websites for dentists can’t be visually attractive. But the best dental websites focus first on turning visitors to new patient appointments. They focus on conversion before looks.

Remember, your practice's website’s #1 purpose is to drive new patient growth.
Grab my guide and start using it today!
Hey! My name is Adam Zilko.

I help dentists who are struggling to achieve consistent and reliable new patient growth. I help them attract high quality new patients so they can grow their practice, dominate their market, and take back their time.

This guide provides insight, tools, and insider tips to help you create a website for your dental practice that actually works to fill your calendar with appointments. 

Stop wasting money on making your site "pretty" and start focusing on creating a website designed to convert visitors to lifelong patients!

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